Hebron Business Club

The Business Club sponsors several events throughout the year, with the goal of promoting a welcoming and active business vibe.  For more information about the Business Club, contact Joy Kitzan, Dakota Community Bank, or Jane Brandt, Hebron Herald. 

Watermelon Days

The first weekend after the 4th of July is the date chosen for the annual Watermelon Days celebration sponsored by the Hebron Business Club. True to its name, the celebration features free all-you-can-eat watermelon but there is so much more to see and do.

Santa Claus Day  

In December the Hebron Business Club brings Santa Claus Day to Hebron.  Santa Claus Day features a Vendor and Craft Show, but the real highlight is the free movie at Mayer Theatre with a special visit from Santa Claus himself. Santa and his helpers have been known to give lots of goodies to the area children.  

Blood Drive

Periodic Blood Drives throughout the year are facilitated by the Business Club